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participants' comments

participants' comments

The following are some direct quotes from the feedback received by recent 2015 participants.


“ It was an amazing experience to visit South Africa and meet people in the township communities, not an experience I had envisaged coming my way. I am not a runner but was delighted when ITLR gave me a place on the team to help with logistics and setting up camp etc. I was happy to fundraise so I could take part.

I knew almost nothing about human trafficking before the trip and what I learned horrified me but I felt privileged to be meet the people we connected with and to be involved in the campaigning and awareness raising.  It was so touching and humbling how grateful people were that we would bother to visit them and warn them about traffickers and let them know how they could get help or report traffickers.”
Matt, 23 year old Coast Guard from UK



I started doing these 'In the Long Run' s two years . I really enjoy hearing about the work of Oasis Belgium and about the real people they help. This has always been motivating during Itlr. When I look into trafficking statistics to try to get people to understand and donate, I get overwhelmed and sometimes feel we won't make that much of even a dent into the problem. But hearing the stories and meeting people helps make me realize that we are making a difference.

I feel like this year in Morocco and Spain we did a lot more raising awareness, which is great. Passing out fliers and talking with people in the different cities this year I felt helped bring the issue up and will help people to recognize signs of trafficking and in the long run (pun intended) help to prevent someone from being trafficked. In Torrevieja when we met the people at the church, that day was very emotionally hard for me. Hearing about how the girls are tricked into coming and then made to pay a huge debt, oh it just seemed so helpless. So frustrating and sad, but that ESCLAVITUD XXI group seemed so determined and hopeful it seemed worthwhile and less overwhelming and it was great to be supporting them. I will definitely be doing another ITLR.”
Kristi, 42 year old, US citizen teaching  in Slovakia


“Running in South Africa with ITLR was a life changing experience for me. Due to amazing organisation and team commitment we were able to connect with hundreds of men, women and children on a daily basis. We were able to actually teach children and vulnerable adults how to avoid dangerous people and what to look for and just as important, who to tell if it happens. We spread the word with hope that this project has and will continue to save and change lives in the future.

I am very proud to say I have been on an ITLR event and I honestly can’t wait to continue to fight the battle with the team and make a difference to the world’s future. Count me in for Ireland!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Luke, 23 year old Sports Development Officer from UK

 “I signed up for ITLR Morocco/Spain because I believe Oasis Belgium do a wonderful job and I wanted to help fundraise for them. I thought the links we made with human rights groups in Morocco and Spain were very valuable to both us and them. I think we did very well raising awareness and hope and believe it will avoid some people falling into the trap of beingtrafficked.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Elaine, 56 year old UK citizen teaching in Belgium

 “‘In the long run’ is a brilliant, fun and unique experience to see some places of the world you may not otherwise go to! I think we succeeded in raising the profile of this crime in the cities we visited in Morocco and Spain and we also did this by social media. I signed up because I believe in the work that Oasis Belgium do in helping people who have been victims or who are vulnerable to trafficking. Brilliant organisation, brilliant time had!” 
Laurie, 23 year old graduate in Edinburgh


"ITLR by Oasis is really a fascinating movement that aims to serve humanity. Personally, ITLR in Morocco was a great experience thanks to all enormous fruitful outcomes like raising awareness against the dangers of human trafficking in the Moroccan society, everything was great done as all the people seemed to be extremely satisfied with this initiative, also ITLR saved lives of thousands of Moroccan from being trafficked and I felt that clearly because I was a Moroccan participant, and also the way how Moroccans have been engaged by ITLR Morocco was absolutely amazing and all made a positive impact about it; Personally and advocating Moroccan community, I am giving to ITLR initiative by Oasis a great military salute for what they do from Nobel services towards humanity and especially what done in Morocco."  
Karim, 23 year old graduate from Tetouan, Morocco