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A woman trafficked into the sex trade in Ireland tells her story

Anna* was kidnapped, tortured and trafficked into the sex trade in Ireland.

Originally from Romania, Anna had moved there in 2010 to study nursing. She picked up part-time work as a cleaner and a waitress to help pay for her studies. She had only moved into a new house a few weeks earlier. She had felt at home there. Each of the rooms was rented individually but there were other Eastern European girls in the house and the landlord was also Romanian. One day as she neared home, a man came up behind her, grabbed her by the neck and pushed her into the back seat of a car. 

There was a woman in the car who snatched her bag, she recognised both of them. They shared a room in the house, but she had never spoken to them before.  As they started to drive they told her they knew where her parents livedthat they would kill them. The car went straight to Luton Airport where one of the men accompanied her to the check-in desk. Tickets were produced for a flight to Galway. Anna tried to get away but the man was in control.

In Irelandshe was met by two Romanian pimps, one of whom is currently facing serious charges on the Continent. Anna would later learn that these men had "bought" her for €20,000.

She had been identified by one of their associates as the perfect candidate to be trafficked. She was slim, slightly built and attractive. Crucially, she also had no family living in London and it would be easy to smuggle her out without anyone creating much fuss over her disappearance.

The men brought her to an apartment in Salthill where she would meet the brothel madam who more than anyone else would make her life hell over the following months. The madam began ripping her clothes and left Anna on the floor,  naked in front of the laughing men. Minutes later an Albanian man raped and beat her aided by the Madam. Anna fought, but was held down by the madam and punched in the back by the Albanian as she struggled.

After the madam beat her in the shower, she was left alone in the living room. She cried herself dry until I could not cry any more."

This quickly became Anna's life. Soon she was seeing up to 20 men a day and was never allowed leave the apartment, never saw daylight and was beaten . Eventually after terrible brutal attacks Anna tried to kill herself but was saved and tortured again. After this she decided to trick them ad pretend to be co-operative so they allowed her to take calls from clients and she started recording their phone numbers. She had become immune to the pain now.

On November 12th 2011 Anna ran away, she went to a rival drug gang to tell all and there became a war between the groups. Eventually Anna made a statement and provided the PSNI with information on the gangs and over 3000 customers phone numbers she had collected. Detectives had already been investigating the gang and as part of an international operation one of the pimps was arrested in Romania.