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In the long run

Strategic Objectives

The determined objectives of ‘In the long run’ are as follows:

  1. To raise awareness about the dangers of exploitation by human traffickers particularly in countries and locations where human trafficking is known to be prevalent

  2. To support the efforts of local anti-human trafficking groups in these locations to effectively campaign against human trafficking, to provide ,and support the provision of, information to communities and individuals about how and where they might receive support in regard to human trafficking and/or report trafficking.

  3. To raise funds to facilitate this awareness raising work and campaigning on a continuing basis and to financially assist Oasis and other world-wide projects that support people who have been affected by, or who are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking.


‘In the long run’ has now completed four major projects/events where an ITLR team have travelled at least 1,000 km along a major international human trafficking route with a team of runners each running 10km a day for the duration of the project.

2013 – Bratislava to Brussels

2014 – Sofia to Rome

March 2015 – South Africa, Port Elisabeth to Johannesburg

August 2015 – Casablanca to Barcelona

March 2016- Ireland


‘In the long run’ raises awareness and campaigns against human trafficking through its unique format of undertaking long distance, endurance runs along major international human trafficking routes. Awareness raising and campaigning activities are then delivered in collaboration with local organisations on the ground all along the route.  This awareness raising includes activities such as visiting schools, churches and community organisations, handing out leaflets and engaging the public in conversation, balloon releases and the organisation of community runs. Media attention is sought through national and local newspapers, radio stations and television.


Johannesburg, South Africa with Oasis Founder Steve Chalke,  March 2015

Johannesburg, South Africa with Oasis Founder Steve Chalke,  March 2015

Malaga, Spain August 2015

Malaga, Spain August 2015

Running in Casablanca, Mohammed V Mosque, August 2015

Running in Casablanca, Mohammed V Mosque, August 2015