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India 2017

Coming Up... India November 2017!


ITLR 2017 - India

Running 10 km a day each, the team will run along one of the major human trafficking routes in Asia, from Kolkata to Mumbai, via Raipur, Nagpur and Nasik and many villages and towns in between. Not only is this an incredible opportunity to see parts of India that you would never normally visit, but it is also a chance to make women, children and men less vulnerable to human trafficking by raising awareness and supporting the work of Oasis in India and around the world.

It is also a challenge that anyone who loves to run will relish. Ten kilometres a day, every day over twelve days in India as part of a mixed ability group will be a physical challenge and also an experience in team running that is hard to beat.

Not only that, but you will be able to participate in awareness raising events, meet local activists and gain a grassroots understanding of why human trafficking is such a problem.

Where:  India

Route: Kolkata to Mumbai - 1885km

When: 12th Nov - 24th Nov

Format of the run

In order to maximise the chance of speaking to people who are vulnerable to trafficking, the run is done in groups in trafficking hotspots, instead of as a relay across the country. This means that we cover the distance, but at the same time attract more media attention, and can spend more time talking with schools, churches, temples and with local authorities. It’s also more fun!

So, on a typical day, we will be in a town or village, run 10km, speak to the press, hold an awareness raising event, see the sights and then head of to the next location a little further down the track.

Why this route?

From the border with Bangladesh, via Kolkata to Mumbai, the route we have chosen is one of the world’s major human trafficking routes. Women, children and men hoping for work and a new life are often promised jobs, but when they reach the city, they discover that they have been deceived and the new life they are living is nothing less than modern slavery. The brothels of Mumbai, the famous “cages”, are filled with people who have been trafficked and broken on this route. We aim to raise the issue, help people have information about the risks they run when they take up job offers and advice on how to stay safer.

This is a critical route and we can make a difference.


How much does it cost?


What does this cover?

This covers travel, food and accommodation in India. It also covers injury and volunteer insurance whilst on the project.

It does not cover travel to and from India.

Do I need to raise sponsorship?

There is no minimum level of sponsorship to be raised, although we would like everyone to raise as much money as possible!

What else will I be doing / team activities

As well as running, there will be regular awareness raising events, such as speaking to schools, press conferences and talking with local anti-trafficking organisations.

There will also be plenty of time for seeing the sights as we run across India.


A little more on Oasis' work in India:

Oasis India began its work in India in 1993 in Mumbai and later expanded to Bangalore, Chennai and the rural region of Punganur in Andhra. Oasis India looks to bring change by actively working among disadvantaged communities with initiatives in education, health, employment readiness, sports and other related areas. We have a key focus on anti-human trafficking and partner with local authorities, including the police, railway protection force and child welfare committees to prevent children from being trafficked
for labour or sex.